Crystal Instruments EDM 9.1 Software Release
Crystal Instruments is pleased to announce the latest release of EDM 9.1 software, the most reliable and powerful version available.

Sentek Dynamics
We are now representing Sentek Dynamics. They develop and provide a wide-range of thermal chambers, environmental systems including vibration and slip tables, and instruments for control, data recording and analysis for single or 3-Axis applications.



Siglent’s Vector Network Analyzers
Siglent’s Vector Network Analyzers cover a frequency range of 9 kHz up-to 8.5 GHz and offer high performance and reliable results in a very user-friendly package. 2 and 4 port models are available with options for high stability reference source, time-domain analysis, and more.

The GX3116e Device Power Supply (DPS) delivers the highest density, most flexible, isolated semiconductor device power supply solution available. Each of the 16 independent, isolated, power supply channels provides 4-quadrant source-measure unit (SMU) functionality, making this the ideal solution for many existing and emerging multisite semiconductor test applications.


Siglent SDS6000A Digital Storage Oscilloscope
SDS6000A comes with even more memory depth. 500Mpts combined with the hardware based zoom function, you can view large and small-scale signal details simultaneously. Sampling rate is up to 5GSa/s(10GSa/s ESR) per channel, even when you use all four channels at the same time.

Sentek Dynamics’ Simultaneous Three-Axis (MA-Series) Shakers
Sentek Dynamics’ MA Series simultaneous 3-axis systems use the Crystal Instruments’ Spider System vibration controller for advanced MIMO control. The Spider System recreates multiple degree-of-freedom vibration environments in the testing laboratory and provides all the control types you may require including MIMO Random, MIMO Sine, MIMO TWR, and more.


TS-900e-5G Semiconductor Test System
MARVIN TEST SOLUTIONS Proven 5G mmWave multi-site production test performance to 44 GHz. Delivering full suite digital and parametric test capablilities.

3H Pico Series Filters now available up to 19.0 GHz
3H Pico Filters are the smallest and most selective custom filters on the market today. 3H Miniature filters NOW offered from 40 MHz to 19.0 GHz with sizes starting at 0.65


MARVIN TEST SOLUTIONS expands user-programmable PXI FPGA product line.
The GX3748 combines 48 voltage comparator channels with windowing and precision level detection, to deliver the ideal event monitoring and control solution. Triggers can be generated, based on user programmable voltage threshold levels, enabling time-critical response when out-of-limit test conditions occur.

Crystal Instruments Spider-80Ti High Channel Temperature Measurement System
The Spider-80Ti is a front-end from the Spider-80Xi hardware platform that enables temperature measurement. Spider-80Ti supports temperature measurements from Thermocouples and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensors.