3H Communication Systems  (

3H is a premier high value microwave and RF company that offers RF filters, duplexers/diplexers, multiplexers, multi-function assemblies and RF front-end solutions.  They have ultrasmall filter products and offer solutions from DC to 50Ghz.   3H has expertise in providing low PIM filters.

Ducommun  (

RF/Microwave coaxial switches, pin diode switches, switch matrices, video switches  Milliimeter wave amplifiers, antennas, mixers, oscillators, multipliers, radar sensors,  up/down converters along with sub-systems and integrated assemblies.

GaGe  (

GaGe 8-bit resolution digitizer models provide the highest possible sampling rates at up to 4 GigaSamples per second with 1 or 2 digitizing channels, input bandwidths of up to 1.5 GHz, deep onboard sample memory up to 16 GS, and true ENOBs of over 7 bits.

In-Phase Technologies, Inc.  (

In-Phase Technologies is a  supplier of analog, digital, RF, microwave, and fiber optic ATE systems used by engineering and production test personnel to verify system, sub-assembly or component performance

Kepco Power Solutions  (

Designs and manufactures well-regulated DC power supplies and associated electronic equipment.

Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.  (

Marvin Test Solutions manufactures software and modular instruments used in automated test for military and commercial applications that require dynamic digital, FPGA, Source measurement and analog solutions.

Phase Matrix, Inc.  (

Phase Matrix offers radio frequency (RF) Microwave test and measurement instruments along with Components.  These solutions include: Counters, modular synthesizers and down converters

QPAR Antennas USA  (

QPAR Antennas USA is a leading provider in state-of-the-art RF microwave products for defense and civilian applications.  QPAR's products supply cutting-edge solutions for aerospace, ground and maritime platforms; offering COTS and tailor-made configurations suited for MIL-STD requirements and a variety of client needs.

RADX Technologies, Inc.   (

RADX Technologies, Inc, develops advanced FPGA, multi-core and GPU-based DSP solutions for consumer, commercial, aerospace and defense customers in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio (CR), High Performance Computing, Mesh Networks and similar applications

Sentek Dynamics  (

 Sentek Dynamics is dedicated to environmental testing, measurement and control technology. They develop and provide a wide-range of thermal chambers, environmental systems including vibration and slip tables, and instruments for control, data recording and analysis for single or 3-Axis applications.

Siglent Technologies America, Inc.  (

Siglent manufactures bench top test and measurement including oscilloscopes, sprectrum analyzers, multi-meters and power supplies