We are now offering antennas by representing Q-PAR/Steatite They manufacture antennas for laboratory, on-board ship and flight applications from 30 MHz to 60 GHz. These products include horn, omni-directional, reflector, spiral, sinuous, ELINT, positioner, EMC & HiRF antennas.


Crystal Instruments EDM 9.1 Software Release
Crystal Instruments is pleased to announce the latest release of EDM 9.1 software, the most reliable and powerful version available.


Sentek Dynamics
We are now representing Sentek Dynamics. They develop and provide a wide-range of thermal chambers, environmental systems including vibration and slip tables, and instruments for control, data recording and analysis for single or 3-Axis applications.


RADX is a DSP-focused small business that provides a wide range ofcosteffective, high-performance, real-time COTS communications and test &measurement products and technologies to end-users, OEMs and system integratorsat multiple levels of integration. 


Kepco products range from cutting edge, OEM and programmable switch mode power supplies to high performance, low noise, linear power supplies.