Crystal Instruments EDM 9.1 Software Release

EDM 9.1 software supports temperature measurements using the Spider-80Ti with both RTD and K-Type thermocouples. The designed advanced algorithms ensure the highest accuracy for temperature measurement for any temperature measurement range.

New Features and Major Improvements in VCS (Vibration Control System)

  • Introducing Amplifier Control software built into EDM-VCS
  • Ability to analyze multiple waveforms to generate FDS profile
  • Introducing a new type of COLA output for SoR test
  • Introducing Variable Sweep Rate of a sine tone in SoR           
  • Te and TE calculations support all MIL-STD-810 variants (810F, 810G, 810G + CHG1, 810H)
  • Easily create envelop of an imported spectrum signal to create a random profile
  • Introducing Minimum Energy Option in MIMO Random
  • Visually selecting shaker table config in MIMO VCS

New Features and Major Improvements in DSA (Dynamic Signal Analysis)

  • Ability to plot Sound Pressure Time data in dB
  • DSA API is capable of selecting and running Black Box tests
  • Introducing PC FRF Signals with Spider-80SG/SGi           
  • Digital inputs to enable/disable specific limit checks
  • New Features and Major Improvements in Modal Analysis
  • Added Suggested Trigger Level and Block Size 
  • Introducing Test Sequence in Modal Analysis   
  • Optimization of Online Visualization Capabilities           
  • Automatic Pole Selection         
  • Optimization of Testing Plan     

New Features and Major Improvements in PA (Post Analyzer)

  • SRS reference profile includes alarm and abort limits
  • Ability to dock the signal display toolbar by default
  • Analysis parameters displays the total frame count           
  • Ability to display absolute/relative for reference axis of 3D signals

New General Features and Improvements

  • Introducing a tech support log file         
  • Introducing signals in text format in reports       
  • Introducing the Enhanced Peak Marker functionality           
  • Introducing Overlay and Compare of same signal from different run folders to a report
  • Introducing Peak Hold Average type in Waveform Editor
  • Ability to switch Spider systems with SG/SGi/Ti front-ends    
  • Specify the network adapter for communication with Spider 
  • Introducing hardware self-test remainders feature
  • Automatically save error code when TEDS detection fails
  • Monitor the network traffic      
  • Display FRF signals in dB with customized reference           
  • Report enhancements include saving reports to customized location (including run folder)         
  • Auto download and auto export recordings to customized formats
  • “Open View” now supports multiple tabs and files      

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