3H Pico Series Filters now available up to 19.0 GHz

3H Pico Filters are the smallest and most selective custom filters on the market today.  3H Miniature filters NOW offered from 40 MHz to 19.0 GHz with sizes starting at 0.65" x 0.20" x 0.060"

3H Miniature Filter Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 40 MHz to 19.0 GHz
  • Bandwidth 3% to 100%
  • Selectivity: Up to 60dB (10 Sections with cross coupling). Additional selectivity available pending engineering approval


3H's Miniature filter products meet today's military and commercial harshest environments and can be designed to meet the Mil-Std conditions.  Our ruggedized filter products offer low passband insertion loss and steep rejection parameters designed  and manufactured to YOUr electrical and environmental specification requirements.  The filters are available with and without RoHS.

3H offers a  complete line of fliters from DC to 50 GHZ

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