Siglent SSA3000X Series Spectrum Analyzers

SSA3000X Series Spectrum Analyzers

  • Frequency range from 9 kHz to 2.1/3.2 GHz
  • -161 dBm/Hz Displayed average noise level (typical)
  • -98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz Offset Phase Noise  (1 GHz, Typ.)
  • Total Amplitude Accuracy < 0.7 dB
  • 1 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
  • Tracking generator (TG) is currently included at no charge

Economical Spectrum Analyzer with Excellent Performance

With their light weight, small size, and friendly user interface, the SSA3000X present a large, bright easy to read display, powerful and reliable automatic measurements, and plenty of impressive features. Applications include research and development, education, production, maintenance, and pre-compliance testing.

Bandwidth 9 kHz to 2.1 GHz / 3.2 GHz, minimum resolution bandwidth 1 Hz
Display average noise level below -161 dBm/Hz, full amplitude accuracy better than 0.7 dB
Standard preamplifier, remote control instruction set, EasySpectrum PC software
Free tracking generator, transmission response, VSWR measurement, signal power measurement, EMI pre-compliance test

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