Kepco KLN Series Extended Range Programmable DC Power Supply

Offers extended output range, automatic crossover, high-performance, low-cost, stable programmable d-c power, 5KW, 10KW 15KW


Input & Output

  • Extended range output, programmable voltage, current and power.
  • 3U height, output voltage from 0-80V up to 0-1500V, output current from 0-30A up to 0-540A.  Output power 5kW - 10kW - 15kW, in total 18 models available for selection.
  • Simple construction allows 10 units to become a 150kW power system.
  • Maximum output current up to 5400A.
  • Active power factor correction PF>0.95.


  • User-definable output priority, Constant Voltage or Constant Current.
  • Internal resistance, Solar cell and Fuel cell simulation.
  • Programmable output ramp up and ramp down, protecting the device under test. 
  • Programmable OVP, OCP and OTP.
  • Output ripple and noise are extremely low.
  • User-definable power ON mod (LAST/OFF)
  • 16Bit DAC for setting and 24Bit ADC for measurement.


  • Non-gap stacking, no ventilation holes on the cover and bottom plate of the power supply.
  • Uses speed controlled fan (12 cm), dissipates the heat efficiently.
  • Firmware can be upgraded without opening the case; unit continues to be functional even if upgrade fails.
  • Safe operation with Inter-lock Function.
  • Large size touchscreen, various operating modes, independent V&A encoder for quick adjustment.
  • Three sets of memory locations can be stored and recalled from the front panel.
  • Up to 8000 sets of programmed memory locations; combinations of V/A/W/Time can be stored (min. time 0.1 mS)


  • USB hoste port to load or save the programmed sequence.
  • LAN (LXI) interface built-in.
  • LAN interface response time 10mS.
  • RS-422/485 baud rate 115200 bps.
  • IVI-COM driver provided, SCPI commands supported.
  • Multipurposed slot for optional interfaces, USB device/GPIB/ Serial Port/Isolated Analog


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