Sentek Dynamics’ Simultaneous Three-Axis (MA-Series) Shakers

10 - 60 kN (2200 - 13,200 lbf)

In the real world, vibration happens in all directions and thus it is necessary to test the DUT in all three directions simultaneously. The MA Series of three-axis shakers is designed and manufactured for this testing purpose.

Key Applications:

  • Testing in accordance with MIL-STD-810G Method 527 requirements
  • Testing in accordance with IEEE-344 multi-axis testing
  • Vibration qualification testing for aerospace/military components and systems
  • Automotive NVH/BSR and component testing


  • Simulates real-world vibration requirements
  • Reveals different DUT response dynamics under simultaneous multi-axis excitation than possible during single-axis testing
  • Identifies failures which could not happen with single-axis testing
  • Reduces testing time by two-thirds for significant cost savings over single-axis testing in each axis
  • Can be integrated with Sentek Dynamics’ THV Series environmental test chambers

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Control
Sentek Dynamics’ MA Series simultaneous 3-axis systems use the Crystal Instruments’ Spider System vibration controller for advanced MIMO control.  The Spider System recreates multiple degree-of-freedom vibration environments in the testing laboratory and provides all the control types you may require including MIMO Random, MIMO Sine, MIMO TWR, and more.  For more information on the Spider System see the Vibration Controllers section or contact the Sentek Dynamics’ sales office.

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