Crystal Instruments Spider-80SG General Data Acquisition Device with Strain Gage Measurement

The Spider-80SG is a high precision, general purpose data acquisition device featuring strain gage functionality. This device can be used in a variety of physical and measurement tests. The Spider-80SG can acquire data from a strain gage or a wide range of measurement quantities. A variety of general purpose and strain gage based sensors are supported. The Spider-80SG is built on the proven outstanding performance and reliability of Crystal Instruments’ DSP-based hardware platform. It features the same form factor as other Spider-80X front-ends from Crystal Instruments and can be configured into one measurement system with excellent compatibility and scalability. This gives the Spider-80SG capabilities to reliably acquire data from multiple sensors and for multiple measurement quantities simultaneously.

The Spider-80SG front-end connects to the network switch of a PC using an Ethernet connection. When used with a strain gage, it measures the strain based on arriving signals, measuring the changes in resistance when the strain gauge is stretched or compressed. It can also be used to measure Force, Torque, Pressure, Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement. The Spider-80SG can be configured to output an excitation voltage to power up the sensors and measure a range of measurement quantities. Pluggable front-ends provide the system with maximum flexibility of analog channel configuration, making it ideal for a range of measurement tests under various circumstances. The modular design allows configurations with 8 input channels of isolated analog inputs and one analog output.

With Crystal Instruments’ unique Ethernet based time synchronization technology, multiple Spider-80SG front-ends can be chained together to construct a system with higher number of input channels. High channel systems scale up to 512 channels.

Each Spider-80SG front-end has its own mass storage media that houses the operating software and stores measurement data. This truly distributed system guarantees data recording at full speed without being subject to network speed limitations.


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