Crystal Instruments Spider-80Ti High Channel Temperature Measurement System

The Spider-80Ti is a front-end from the Spider-80Xi hardware platform that enables temperature measurement. Spider-80Ti supports temperature measurements from Thermocouples and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensors.

Each Spider-80Ti front-end adds 16 temperature measurement channels to the Spider-80Xi system. A Spider-80Ti front-end is user-configurable to support either a PT100 RTD sensor or a K-type Thermocouple. A combination of RTDs and thermocouples within the same Spider system can also be achieved by combining the front-ends configured as RTDs and Thermocouples.

Spider-80Ti is equipped with a 24-bit Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) per channel to ensure highly accurate temperature measurements with any type of sensor. Together with the user-configurable non-linearity correction, the accuracy of the measurements is ensured over a wide range of temperature measurements.

The Spider-80Xi chassis can either be configured exclusively for temperature measurements using the Spider-80Ti front-end or can be configured for mixed signal data acquisition by combing the Spider-80Ti with Spider-80Hi, Spider-80Ci, or Spider-80SGi. A choice of Spider 80Xi chassis with 4 front-end slots or 8 front-end slots is available.

The efficient design of the Spider-80Xi chassis eliminates individual enclosures for each modular front-end to minimize the overall dimensions of the system. Its lightweight makes it ideal for applications requiring portability and an efficient size without the need to exchange front-ends during operation.

Multiple chassis consisting Spider-80Ti front-ends or a combination of Spider-80Ti, Spider-80Hi, Spider-80Ci, or Spider-80SGi can be chained together to form a system with up to 1024 channels, all sampled simultaneously.

The Spider-80Xi system is equipped with powerful and flexible data acquisition functions. Users can initiate continuous time data recording or data recording triggered by user configurable events including pre-set run schedule, alarm limit trigger, input trigger, or digital input trigger. A high-performance removable 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) is used as a storage media inside Spider-80Xi. The default capacity of the SSD is 250 GB and is extendable up to 2 TB. When recorded, data will be written in the NTFS file format. Data is extracted from the SSD using Crystal Instruments PC software to transfer data to the PC, or the SSD can be physically removed and connected to another PC.

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