Siglent’s Vector Network Analyzers

Siglent’s Vector Network Analyzers cover a frequency range of 9 kHz up-to 8.5 GHz and offer high performance and reliable results in a very user-friendly package. 2 and 4 port models are available with options for high stability reference source, time-domain analysis, and more.

  • Low noise floor for accurate measurements with a wide dynamic range
  • Dynamic range can up to 125 dB@10 Hz, for simultaneous in-band and out-of-band testing of filters
  • S-parameters and Balance Measurement
  • Simultaneously view multiple trace and datatypes in different windows to speed characterization.
  • Enhanced Time-Domain Analysis (TDR)
  • Measure impedance versus distance, to distinguish between inductive and capacitive transitions. Time-domain gating and TDR is also available.
  • Embedding and De-Embedding
  • Eliminate fixture effects quickly.
  • Calibration Kits
  • SOLT calibration kits available from DC to 9 GHz. General purpose and precision-level requirements.

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